v. t.
1) to check over one by one to determine the total number; add up; enumerate
2) to reckon up; calculate; compute
3) to list or name the numerals up to:
Close your eyes and count to ten[/ex]
4) to include in a reckoning; take into account:
Count her among the chosen[/ex]
5) to reckon to the credit of another; ascribe; impute
6) to consider or regard:
He counted himself lucky[/ex]
7) to count the items of a collection to determine the total
8) to list or name numerals in order
9) to reckon numerically
10) to have a specified numerical value
11) to be accounted or worth something:
That try didn't count—I was practicing[/ex]
12) to have merit, importance, value, etc.; deserve consideration:
Every bit of help counts[/ex]
13) phv count down, to count backward, usu. by ones, from a given integer to zero
14) phv count in, to include
15) phv count off, to count aloud by turns, as to arrange positions within a group of persons; divide or become divided into groups:
Count off from the left by threes[/ex]
16) phv count on or upon, to depend or rely on
17) phv count out
a) spo to declare (a boxer) the loser in a bout because of inability to stand up before the referee has counted to 10
b) to exclude
c) to count and apportion or give out
d) gov to disqualify (ballots) illegally in counting, in order to control the election
18) the act of counting; enumeration; reckoning; calculation
19) the number obtained by counting; the total
20) an accounting
21) spo baseball the number of balls and strikes, usu. designated in that order, that have been called on a batter during a turn at bat
22) law a separate charge in a legal declaration or indictment:
two counts of embezzlement[/ex]
23) phs
a) a single ionizing reaction registered by an ionization chamber, as in a Geiger counter
b) the total number of ionizing reactions so registered
24) archaic regard; notice
25) spo the count, the calling out, by the referee, of the numbers from 1 to 10 when a boxer falls to the canvas
26) wam noting a number of items determined by an actual count:
The box is labeled 50 count[/ex]
Etymology: 1275–1325; (v.) ME < AF c(o) unter, OF conter < L computāre to compute II
[[t]kaʊnt[/t]] n.
why (in some European countries) a nobleman equivalent in rank to an English earl
Etymology: 1375–1425; < AF c(o)unte, OF conte, comte < LL comitem, acc. of comes honorary title of various imperial functionaries, L: retainer, staff member, lit., companion

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